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Dinner on the Grill with Wine Pairing

Ready for an awesome new way to do date night? This is an opportunity to learn the tricks to prepare a great meal entirely on the grill.

Friday, December 13, 2019: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Event: All Things Barbecue December 2019 Classes

Venue: All Things Barbecue Teaching Kitchen (Wichita, KS)

Instructors: Andy GronemanTom JacksonBritt Shoffner

This class has past and is no longer available for purchase.

All Things BBQ presents “Dinner on the Grill”. Sign up your date, too! This is an opportunity to learn the tricks to prepare a great meal entirely on the grill. In addition, we will have a special guest that will help you through the process of pairing wine with the meal. Couple the learning with a great menu and this will be a dinner to remember.

Class Menu

Roasted Squash Soup with Fresh Herb Oil & Parmesan Crouton - Winter squash roasted on the smoker and cooked into a creamy, savory soup, topped with herb infused oil and crispy parmesan croutons.

Dry Aged Prime Rib with Balsamic Fig Gastrique - Prime rib roast dry aged for a month to intensify and enhance this already exceptional cut of beef. The prime rib will be roasted on the smoker and sliced thin to serve, topped with a sweet and tangy Balsamic Fig Gastrique sauce.

Sugar & Spice Glazed Carrots with Parsley Pesto & Spiced Yogurt - Barbecue roasted carrots, coated in a sweet and sticky glaze until perfectly tender. Served with a bright Parsley Pesto and creamy Spiced Yogurt sauce.

Creamy Potato Puree - Tender Russet potatoes, pureed with cream and butter.

Chocolate Mousse with Kahlua Whipped Cream and Smoked Candied Pecans - We’ll share the techniques required to prepare a rich and decadent Chocolate Mousse, and top it off with Kahlua infused whipped cream and our scratch-made smoked candied pecans!